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We are certainly not putting a time limit on applications and we’re not discouraging people from applying,’ she said. ‘We are still taking bids. After the first three pilot URCs were established the urban white paper stated that 12 further companies would be set up, bringing the total to 15. The spokesperson said this may have given Mr Knight the impression that there would be no more URCs after that total was reached.

A spokesperson said the agency had not been given any indication by government officials that time was limited, and AWM was considering a further bid elsewhere in the region. A shadow board for Gloucester’s URC has already been set up, with representation from the city and county councils, British Waterways and English Heritage. A masterplan for Gloucester Docks has been published, which will see the conversion of listed Victorian warehouses for retail and housing, and around £4-5m in public realm improvements, bringing land values up to an estimated £100m. MPs are to investigate the government’s efforts to improve social cohesion after warnings that progress since the riots of 2001 has been too slow. Immediately after the riots independent reports were published on the situation in each town, while a separate review team was established, chaired by former Nottingham Council chief executive Ted Cantle.

Mohammed Azam, chair of how much does a property valuation cost for Community Action, said there had been marked progress in the voluntary sector but not in the statutory sector. And while there had been investment, he said the government needed to do more to help communities share best practice. Three years ago everyone was, whether consciously or unconsciously, doing their own thing and there was no cohesion. I think the will is there within the communities, especially in Oldham, and the government is putting in the funding.

One example is finding ways to communicate with your community there are some very good schemes around the country while in other places no contact is being made. It would cut down on unnecessary trial costs if we shared. Communities need to feel connected because that will create confident communities. It’s very important that if we are going to deal with problems in these places that the action is implemented.