The entire process of Conveyancing is helpful for whom the buying party or the selling party?

The two parties come together for a mutual purpose of exchange of property titles. Everything is to be carried out as per the requirement and necessity of the people. LinkLiving welcomes complaints and suggestions about all aspects of their services and will utilise them to review and improve its services Whilst this is a formal policy for complaints, we are aware that some situations may be resolved in a more straightforward way such as speaking to your support worker Read More :

People failing to do so face some sort of problem with it. The entire process of Conveyancing proves to be very beneficial for all the people who have been getting involved in the process of Conveyancing with complete ease as well as with accuracy. If however you feel the nature of your complaint is serious you should use the attached form or phone directly to Linkliving It is not possible for us to deal with anonymous complaints, so we need you to say who you are on the form.

Various rules and measures are same for both and are to be followed by both the parties completely. We will try not to use your name any more than is absolutely necessary. We will also investigate any anonymous complaints that we receive, bearing in mind that these prevent us from gathering any further information from you, as well as feeding back to you the outcome of our investigations.

The Line Manager will investigate the complaint and arrange to meet with you again in order to inform you how they intend to resolve things. In order to do this the person who dealt with your complaint will contact you 3 months after the initial meeting to discuss how things have been with you during this time. LinkLiving strives to create a policy that supports service users and staff when in exception need of transport. This policy covers the use of contract taxis, the aims of LinkLiving having this contract and the expectations that staff and service users can have of the service. LinkLiving will consider the provision of a contract taxi service in emergency or exceptional circumstances that staff and service users can have access to such a service.

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